This is Bull Ring outdoor market, also known as the Rag Market, on a crisp day a while ago. I love having a wander round and am often drawn to the fabric stalls. I get lost in all the colours, textures, and ribbons.

I have seen this place change immensely since my first visits as a child. Two of my most vivid memories include the time I walked around the indoor market with my fingers super-glued together in a Vulcan salute and the loud lady with bold make-up who sold crockery. I will never forget her bright pink lipstick or her voice.



I am currently busy with an assignment, but today I went for a walk into the city. This is a minor Birmingham artery on a quiet day. Today it made me think about whether we needed more roads and the changing meaning of connectivity. I came to no conclusion other than the realisation that I am lucky to live in such a well connected area, as are most of you. This comes following a week where I learned that the Phillipines has 7,100 islands many of which are inaccessible.

City Lights

Pretend It's A Painting

I took some photos this evening, but I was struggling with my inhibitions about photographing in public and poor light. Here are some street lights I love in the city centre of Birmingham. What are your experiences with starting to take photographs in public spaces? Did you feel self-conscious or paranoid that some security guard would move you along?