Spanning Time

These photographs were taken during a visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It’s haven of Culture, History and Art. For all of the wonderful and amazing things inside, it is quieter than it should be. But I am glad that I can float and ponder in peace.  I love the building as much as its contents, even the spaces and the steps.


There’s a great display following the history of Birmingham from its Anglo Saxon roots to its cosmopolitan present. This was the one for me today.

It features the HP sauce sign, our equivalent of Gotham’s Bat-signal. Unlike the Bat-signal however, Birmingham’s distress has probably increased since its removal along with the manufacturing jobs it represented. But you can’t base an economy on sauce; times and markets change.




There was a deranged looking horse.



A photo of old Birmingham.



I really liked the way that these chunks of concrete from Spaghetti Junction were displayed, more like gems than industrial materials. I want one.






These ancient friends are Zapotecs. My best friend has a band called Zatopeks, they formed in Birmingham.

P1030695    P1030690

I noticed these lines on my way out.


For a lot more information, here is a link to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Website .

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