A Concrete Greeting

“Godless concrete urban hell”  is one of the fruitier descriptions of my home city, Birmingham (UK). It is also the inspiration for the name of this blog, a portrait of my beloved Birmingham, composed of much concrete but also of many organic beings, with art and humour.

Behold the visual delights I see everyday and envy my wealth. Then look around you and know that you too are a billionaire.

We have our eyes and lives for a limited time and with my humble-ish Canon G11 I am trying to share the beauty I see everyday.

Here you will find art, architecture, people and things that call me over to take their photos.

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6 thoughts on “A Concrete Greeting

  1. I’d say you have an eye for the “beauty in the beast” (or the prince in the frog)—something you seem to recognize in my own visuals (judging by your many likes which led me here)! I look forward to knowing you’re out there keeping an eye on things! : ) Thanks for your photos and your intention to spread the “wealth” by alerting us to our own eyes!

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