Making My Way

unsplash-logoAmaury Salas
Photo: Amaury Salas via

In this section I write about my recent creative exploits and experiences with different media. I am currently an artist in search of my definitive practice.  Although, this started as a photography blog, I am not a photographer. I have often taken photographs of architecture, spaces and materials because I love those things. But I love getting my hands dirty and making things too and I want to document my journey to my artistic process and style in this section. I’m looking to find who and what the artist within me is and what my style is. So right now I could be a painter, a sculptor, a make up artist a tattoo artist or a snooker player. Not quite, I love painting, I love making 3d works, I’m not so great with make up and, sadly, it’s too late for me to become a successful snooker player. But the art universe is big and I’m looking for my place in it. And I hope that documenting this process will help others find their place too, because I do believe that art is in everyone.

In other words, this section contains a ‘maker’s’ meditations on the question: who am I? or What am I?

Everybody asks themselves that question in one form or another. And I’d be very interested in hearing the ways in which you have ‘found your style’, whether you would be conventionally labelled an artist or not. For example: How long did it take? What did you try? How deep did you get into one way of working before you switched out of that?


Addicted: clay/slip-casting/mould-making is my jam.