Blue Skies

Today I visited my first love, the old Central Library and took a few photos.  P1020328


My view of this place may be rose-tinted, but I love it. Saying this, I love the interior even more than the Brutalist exterior. There were orange carpets, exceedingly well laid out books and great desks.  The place is currently closed and soon to be demolished so the interior shots below are old.

I took these a couple of years ago in my favourite corner: the intersection between Foreign Literature, Architecture and Art History on the second floor.


I would come to this spot to grab books on Dostoyevsky, Haiku and Calligraphy. They were all located in conveniently close proximity. But a clever Greek once said: ‘without change, there would be no World’.







Glitched Ziggurat

Glitched Ziggurat

I have been experimenting with a very basic form of glitching. For me, the main appeal of glitch art is colour. I have combined this with a photograph I took of the old Birmingham Central Library. I love this brutish concrete building more than any other in the world, but my photographs have never portrayed the beauty I see in it. Using a glitch generator has reaffirmed how amazingly bold this structure is, as the concrete Ziggurat asserts itself whatever the distortion.